Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello again

So, it’s been a while since I last posted and I apologize—but lots to report on. Jen visited this past weekend and got the grand tour of Leuven. We went through all of the city parks, the botanical garden, and the weekend markets, and saw most of the historical architecture. We also had a chance to spend Saturday in Oostende, a small costal town in Northwest Belgium on the North Sea. Although the weather attempted to dampen our spirits, we forged on through rain and wind until finally the sun came out to greet us. We spent some time in the Olde Markt, where Jen had the opportunity to sample some fine Belgian beers!! Sadly, the weekend flew by, and soon enough Jen was back on her way to the U.S. early Monday morning.
I couldn’t remain sad for long as Wednesday night brought a rainy, muddy and enjoyable practice with the Leuven Lions. Our first preseason game is scheduled for November 14. We will face off against the Charleroi Cougars. It will be good to see how we play against another team after a few months of practice.
Last night my unit (section of the house) had dinner at our director’s house. We had fajitas. Yum. It was nice to have a big dinner and discuss our adventures so far. The apple pie wasn’t too bad either!
This Saturday we have a Huis trip to Flander Fields, a historical site in Belgium that was a part of the First World War. Many expect the trip to be emotional as many lives were lost there during the war. Again, we have the chance to see the beauty and history of Europe right in front of our eyes.
On Tuesday we will have a Halloween party for the whole Huis. Very few of the international students are familiar with the holiday, so it will be a fun chance for them to try something new.
On Thursday, a few of us will travel to Edinburg, Scotland for Halloween. With all of its castles and history, Edinburg is said to be quite a scary place. There we have scheduled a Haunted Underground Tour on Halloween night!
Then it will already be November! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by. Soon, I’ll be on my way home for Christmas to see friends and family, but then back to Leuven for finals! Hope all is going well!

Tot Ziens!