Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You laddies have any fruits to declare?

I must say that Halloween was not the same away from America, but it sure was fun! After a little Halloween party hosted by the American students of the Nachbar Huis, a few of us found ourselves in the beautiful highlands of Scotland and the historical city of Edinburgh. A city that claims to be the most haunted in the world was certainly a great place to go on Halloween!
Upon our arrival in Edinburgh, we found our amazing hostel, which boasted a bar, TV room, computer room, countless psychedelic paintings, free breakfast and WiFi, and very enthusiastic employees. Though we spent much of the first day on a rainy (but free) tour of Edinburgh, the weather during our stay was quite agreeable—not too common in Scotland this time of year. We went on a whole day tour of the highlands and got to see such sights as the Sterling Castle (conquered by Scotsmen William Wallace and Robert Bruce), the border of the highlands and lowlands, and one of the oldest whiskey (Scoth) distilleries in Scotland. We also got to go on a haunted underground tour on Halloween night in the abandoned vaults that used to house the poor, criminals, and diseased where there was corruption, murder and (some say) witchcraft. The trip was one of the best so far!

These past two weeks it has been back to work, with lots of studying going on in the house. This Sunday, the Leuven Lions have our first preseason match against the Charleroi Cougars! Practice has been going well and everyone is excited to go out and hit someone other than our teammates.

After that, the house will have a Thanksgiving dinner! It won’t be the same but I trust it will be fun, as each of us will be making a dish for the dinner. I will be making Apple Pie—I know it won’t be as good as Mom’s, but I can try!!

Next weekend we will be off to Amsterdam for another Loyola sponsored trip! The month of November has been and will be very action packed!!