Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wie ben je?!?!

Mijn naam is Justin. Ik ben in New Jersey geboren, maar ik woon in Leuven, België. Mijn klas van Nederlands is soms complex, maar ik studeer en studeer!!

So, after a nice vacation in France we’ve returned to Leuven and completed our first week of intensive Dutch class. Monday is our midterm (written and oral) and it should prove to be an interesting day!! We went to the market yesterday with our Dutch class. The market is every Friday morning and takes up a few blocks of the town center. There are clothing carts, meat and fish stands, and of course fruit and vegetable stands.
In addition to Dutch class and the market, a few of the guys and I have found another equally intriguing activity. I was able to sniff out an American football team here in Leuven (should come as no surprise), and naturally I contacted the head coach to ask about the team. Sure enough, Dan, Duke, Matt, and I found ourselves in the head coach’s car on Wednesday night headed to our first practice as Leuven Lions!!
Practice was a lot of fun. After some warm ups we were each assigned positions on offense and defense and went through our position drills. Then we had conditioning and scrimmages. Naturally, there are two fields and right between them is a bar—the Belgians call it their cafeteria. We’ll practice every Monday and Wednesday night in preparation for a season that begins in February and ends in May. The age of players varies from 18 to 40 and the skill level is equally diverse. The only thing that was the same about all of the players was their willingness to welcome us and let us be a part of their team.
Well, I have to go study for Dutch so that I can focus on the big game for the Steelers tomorrow!! Check out the Flicker link up top for a few picks—more to come soon. Congratulations to Dan Ellis and Susanna Brown!! Love you, have an awesome day!!

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